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April 18, 2009
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Aqua's Favorite Pokemon Type Meme -> [link]

Part one of four different memes. I spent a good deal of this week working on this, with millions of references for these Pokemon. Only two of them are actually traced, and that's Onix and Steelix. I'm sorry, but they are ridiculously hard to draw.

So, Faye's favorite Pokemon types from Generation 1. VERY limited choice, with only 151 options. :| Truth be told, Gen. 1 Pokemon are my least favorites, so this one was a rather rush job. I hate how overrated Gen 1 is. Anyway, onto reasoning's!

Bug) Scyther
Seriously, I'd freak out if I saw a Scyther irl. But in-game, I find their design fearsome and yet adorable! Especially what Scyther can evolve into...this Pokemon is love for Generation 1 bug-types!

Dark) Eevee (Umbreon)
Of course, Dark-type didn't exist in Generation one. But Eevee did, and my second favorite Eeveelution is Umbreon. Eeveelutions tend to be overrused, so I never have any in my main parties, but they sure are cute, huh?

Dragon) Dragonair
Now this is a very beautiful Pokemon. It evolves from a brat dragon, and evolves into a goofy dragon. D: I always liked Dragonair the most of the Dratini family, and thank god Gen. II introduced the Everstone. Now I can have a Dragonair forever!

Electric) Electrode
OMFG. NO POKEMON CAN BEST ELECTRODE. NO ONE CAN. Out of all 493 Pokemon, Electrode stands as my favorite. What can I say? That ball is randomly explosive, but can still look unlawfully adorable! As part of my main Crystal Party, Electrode nothing but love and more love. ;w; ilu Electrode!

Fighting) Hitmonchan
Heheh, the "girl" of the Hitmons, just 'cause he has a skirt on. :roll: People are so narrow-minded. Anyway, Hitmonlee was just weird, the Machop family was weird, and the Mankey family freaked me out. But Hitmonchan...before Hitmontop was introduced, I was like "I'm gonna have a Hitmonchan in one of my main parties someday! 8B" Don't worry, Chan, I still love ya from Gen 1! <3

Fire) Charizard
:iconicameplz: Raw power. 'Nuff said.

Flying) Zubat
Out of the millions of flying type Gen I introduced, Zubats always were cute in my eyes. Plus you always ran into so many of them! 8D Before I learned about game mechanics in Red/Crystal, I always figured that the Zubats liked me in caves and wanted to be caught! I had, like, 23 Zubats in one game once, ehehe... Seriously, they're adorable!

Ghost) Gastly
Like Gen. I gave us much a choice? :lol: Gastly were adorable, and their cry is so catchy. Plus Gastly is my second most favorite Pokemon of all time, right after Electrode. I like round things, I guess. I'd have made it a Haunter, but Haunter are hard to draw. D: I have a Haunter as part of my main team in both FireRed and Platinum.

Grass) Tangela
This mess of a plant resembled how my hair used to look before shampoo was forced onto me. As tribute to those early days, my sisters always named their Tangela's after me. Out of all the yawn-worthy grass/poison types in Gen. 1, Tangela was the most cutest and weird in design! Plus those cute red feet drew me in. Yay Tangela~

Ground) Diglett
I was never a fan of the Sandshrew family, and he Cubone family is hard to draw. OTL And Rock/Ground...ohh, let's not go there. But Diglett, on the other hand, is a sweet little cutie. x3 Not to difficult to draw, plus I'd love to pull one out of the ground to see their feet. I bet they have cute feet, they're just shy like a Wobbuffet's tail!

Ice) Jynx
Yes, I kept her controversial original design. It just suits her better. It was after I finished this meme that I remembered that I liked Lapras more, but it was too late to go back. It's fine, Jynx are amusing in their own way, plus she has a funny cry! I also like how a Jynx is feeding heart kisses to those Golbats in the Stadium 2 mini-game. x3

Normal) Meowth
That's right! 8D -shot- I liked anime!Meowth, he was funny. I had watched the anime before playing the games themselves, and liked his design. I'm a cat person, so of course a cute cat like Meowth would appeal to me! x3

Poison) Weedle
Again, I'd freak if I saw a bug that big irl. So why do I find those little bug Pokemon like Weedle and Caterpie and Wurmple to be so goshdarn cute!? D8 It's mind-boggling! Either way, Weedle..."wormed" his way to becoming my favorite Poison-type of generation one. Poison Sting me, that was bad. OTL

Psychic) Mew
Pink does not equal female. PINK DOES NOT EQUAL FEMALE. :| I always see Mew as a male, seeing as Mewtwo seems to be male. 'Course, Mew COULD be a girl, and Mewtwo just has a hoarse voice for a girl. Blech. Either way, I see Mew as male, and I always loved how playful he looked! I plan on...obtaining a Mew in Pokemon Red soon. :paranoid: Yeah, the Abra, Slowpoke, and Exeggutor family didn't cut it for me.

Rock) Omanyte
Because he looks like a snail. <3 I love snails!

Steel) Onix (Steelix)
Steel-type didn't exist in Gen. 1. I had no choice but to go with my favorite Steel-type, and what she pre-evolves from. God, even TRACING the Steelix and Onix was hard work. :faint: And people draw them for a living? fffff amazing. Steelix is so ferocious, she made her way into my Crystal main team! No "cutesy Pokemon" stereotype for Kris. ;P

Water) Poliwag
There are too many Water-type Pokemon. Oo; Even so, in Generation I, my favorite water type is Poliwag. Cute and round. If I lived in a Pokemon world, I'd keep a Poliwag as a pet. x3 And I'd name him Smurf.

Aaaaannnndd....that's it! xD; 3 more follow along with this, as soon as I get them done, ehehe. I swear, Pokemon became MORE interesting after Generation 1. Why do people complain so much about them? :no: I'll never get it... Well, do enjoy this! Hopefully with all the Pokemon drawing practice, I can actually draw more Pokemon now! 8D;

Please enjoy now!

Pokemon © Nintendo
Steelix and Onix image that I had traced -> [link] [link]

Filled out in: Photoshop CS3
Tine: 5 days, 18 hrs, 16 mins
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ShadowTheMutant Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I only torterra. One must torterra after owning one.
PokemonRulesPikaa Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you draw them yourselves? <3
Btw, i love it!! (faved+ followed)
Steelix and Onix were traced, since they're too hard to draw. 8D; The rest were referenced from official poses, but not traced. Thanks much!
PokemonRulesPikaa Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

It's ok!

You draw awesome, can you make a tutorial if youdidn't already? <3

Oh, no, I can't make a tutorial. 8D; There are far worthier artists than me to admire. Any tutorial I make would be subpar at best.
PokemonRulesPikaa Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try it :(
nooo xD; I can't, really.
PokemonRulesPikaa Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay :(
Now, i still like your art though, see ya 'round :heart:
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