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December 27, 2008
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FINAL EDIT: I won't complain about all the faves this stamp gets. ^^; I fave other stamps that probably have more faves than their actual art, so I have no right to whine about it.

Because there wasn't a stamp like this. I couldn't find one, anyway. Yes, bright pink are amusing colors.

My meaning in this stamp for "easily amused" is that it doesn't take much for me to laugh. ^^; Seriously, the things I find funny, I'll lol at. God, and I even use "lol" in public from time to time. Especially finding funny stuff on dA. I lol, and Cafe has to come over and see what's so funny.

I probably should be more serious type of person, since I'm an adult and all, but...maybe the world needs more people who can laugh. All people ever hear are sad news. We need news to laugh at. It is the purpose of us easily amused types to keep this world alive through the positive energy that is...well, laughter, smiling, crap like that.

...Oh, why so serious? D: Hehe, lighten up, Faye, and let them enjoy the stamp!

Stamp template courtesy of $zilla774
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